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Tour Dates
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past Dates

01.07.2023 - Musiknacht Dömitz, Germany
11.02.2023 - Urban Jazz Festival, Birdland Hamburg, Germany

12.11.2022 - Breklum, Germany

21.08.2021 - Kunst Kapelle - Malchin, Germany - Ticket Link

14.08.2021 - Koppelschleuse - Meppen, Germany - Ticket Link

15.07.2021 - The Village Hamburg - Germany 

02.02.2021 - Das Quasimodo - Germany - Cancelled (Covid-19)

09.11.2020 - Cotton Club - Germany - Cancelled (Covid-19)

21.10.2020 - Kellerbeatz - Breklum, Germany

09.09.2020 - Komm Du Café - Harburg, Germany

19.02.2020 - Phoque Off - Quebec, Canada

01.06.2019 - Festival Classica - St-Lambert, Canada

02.04.2019 - Arsenal Contemporary Art - Montreal, Canada


Your JoyBea Box
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Le vol des oiesBea Box
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Bea Box

Beautiful Beatitude.

Bea Box is a singer, songwriter, percussionist and music producer.

Having released her new album Lotus in 2022, she is currently working on the creation of her new live-set including vocals, percussion and live-electronics. 

Bea Box's universe revolves around colorful and percussive textures, influenced by her travels and life abroad. It incorporates solid and danceable rhythms. The softness of her voice adds a transcendent touch to her music flirting with pop, deploying an emotional depth of sound. 

In her performances and concerts, her desire is that the electronic music, which is created and modified in real time, transports the listener to new areas and feelings, every time.

Seeking both deep experience and entertainment, Bea Box tries to create a bridge between these two poles in her creation and in her new live-set.

She is currently researching and creating in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany.

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